September 2008


ECPPM 2008: a conference on modelling of products and processes in September 2008

After the success of previous biennial conferences since 1994 and the most recent conference in September 2006 in Valencia (Spain), the 7th European conference on modelling of products and processes will be held in Sophia Antipolis (France), on September 10, 11 and 12, 2008.

Sustainable development

First Technical Assessment for a photovoltaic panel

Photovoltaic panels are innovative techniques and consequently can come under the Technical Assessment (Atec) procedure. This quickly developing market was eagerly awaiting a first technical assessment that has just been issued. Manufacturers will benefit from this voluntary approach because they will be able to make a technical evaluation of their processes in terms of suitability for use, durability and feasibility in the structure.

SB Alliance: Towards an International QE evaluation network

On April 28 2008 in the United Kingdom Embassy in Paris, CSTB (whose CertiVéA subsidiary issues the NF HQE® Approach certification to tertiary buildings) and the BRE (Building Research Establishment, the British organization that issues the BREEAM certification) announced their intention to work together with other European and worldwide partners to create the SB Alliance - Sustainable Building Alliance - with the mission of making international methods of evaluating the environmental quality of buildings consistent with each other.

Air quality

Indexes to qualify air quality in closed locations

Indoor air quality indexes are useful if they satisfy precise demand made by users and if they are easy to use, understandable and can be easily updated. The same indexes may have different values depending on the lifestyle and the different users. This is why after carrying out a critical analysis of existing indexes in France and in other countries, the OQAI (Indoor Air Quality Observatory) has conducted a study based on a social and environmental psychology approach to determine the expectations and needs of building managers (tertiary, schools, housing), Public Authorities and families in their homes, who are the potential users of an indoor air quality index.


Bridges in the wind

Bridges must pass many tests before their being “launched” above rivers and valleys. These include climatic studies, models and wind tunnel tests.


Impact studies are becoming widespread for high-rise buildings

Impact studies are often carried out as part of the design of high-rise buildings. CSTB is in an excellent position to answer the needs of owners.

TRIBU: Towards an environmental requirement

In 22 years of its existence, TRIBU has become one of the leading design and engineering offices specializing in sustainable development. Although its full name is less exotic than might be thought, the TRIBU (Techniques Recherche Innovation pour le Bâtiment et l'Urbain - Research and Innovation Techniques for Buildings and Urban Development) Group can equally well perform project management missions, or owner assistance missions for a complete district or region. These pioneers in environmental rigour were invited by CSTB and Archinov to a new "Carte blanche», to present a description of the current state of the art on their studies and their most significant contributions to recent and developing architectural projects.

Philippe Madec: "Towards another use of the world"

"We are currently changing from modernism to sustainable », claims architect Philippe Madec. This former student of Henri Ciriani, trained in modernism, no longer has any doubt about energy and environmental concerns. Even better, the relation to the global context, including social and cultural, the relation to use and daily life, have become the cornerstones of an architecture that is aimed at being sustainable before being universal.

CSTB's publications

Release of CSTB’s 2007 Annual Report

CSTB’s 2007 Annual Report is now available. In brief, CSTB’s actions in terms of energy, climate, improvement to the environment and lifestyle; Prevention of natural, accident and health hazards; Construction and management of work; Quality and innovation; Europe and International; Publishing, Training, Communication.

Carmen® Mastering acoustics in auditoriums

Carmen® is an active system designed to adapt the acoustics of a hall to each type of performance. In many cases, it can also be the solution to the problems that halls have due to poor natural acoustics. Musicians and the audience can fi nally enjoy the emotion of the music in any venue.

Concert halls with Carmen® system

" Norwich Theatre Royal " - Norwich, United Kingdom " Muvészetek Haza Miskolc " - Miskolc Arts Palace - Miskolc, Hungary " Théâtre Mogador " - Paris, France " Brighton Dome " - Brighton, United Kingdom " Salle des Princes " - Grimaldi Forum, Monaco " Salle Prince Pierre " - Grimaldi Forum, Monaco " Micropolis " - Besançon, France " Festival Berlioz " - La côte Saint-André, France " La Rampe " - Echirolles, France

Research and development on Photovoltaic processes

France has made a commitment to increase the proportion of electrical energy generated from renewable energies from 15 to 21% by the year 2010. The demand for electricity will increase by between 10 and 15% during the same period. Photovoltaic energy (PV) can be used in very many applications, and is by far the most promising free electrical energy. CSTB makes its research means available for use by manufacturers to develop innovative, reliable and high-performance products, so as to accompany this progress towards controlling energy expenses.

ID+Development,supporting innovation in construction

With the new service, ID+Development, CSTB is offering manufacturers an upstream assistance and consulting service. The objective is to identify and organize the key elements needed to ensure recognition of the special features of a product by the technical committees tasked with providing technical evaluations that are useful in the French market: Technical Assessments, Technical Application Documents, European Technical Approvals (ETAs) and Technical Experimental Assessments.

ID+International,innovation without borders in construction

With the new service, ID+International, CSTB is offering international companies support and international coordination to promote the innovative solutions they are bringing to the world of construction. CSTB is offering its services to manufacturers who strive to obtain local market “approval” in several countries at the same time.