First Technical Assessment for a photovoltaic panel

Photovoltaic is aided by a new purchasing rate specified in July 10, 2006 order published in the July 26, 2006 Official Journal, and is now aiming towards applications firmly embedded in the building envelope.  Consequently, Technical Assessments are publicly approved in order to create trust between the different participants in construction.

This first Technical Assessment applies to a photovoltaic panel composed of a photovoltaic module and its erection system.  It aims at the method and installation, but also at the electrical safety of the photovoltaic field thus created.  The assessment does not apply to any inverter necessary or to the connection to the electrical network.

This Technical Assessment was issued exclusively for use on a roof installed on battens above a sub-roof screen, to replace tiles or slates.  The powers of the photovoltaic modules used are between 300 Wc and 350 Wc, and they are made from a glass/polymer composition and are provided with an aluminium section frame.  In particular, these modules respect the two prerequisites for all evaluation requests:  they comply with standard NF EN 61215 (or NF EN 61646) and they belong to electrical safety Class II according to standard NF EN 61140.

This Technical Assessment was formulated by GS 21, a multidisciplinary specialized group on "Photovoltaic processes" that was recently created.  It is composed of experts in different fields including photovoltaic, electricity, roof, roof covering, façade, lightweight construction, glazing, etc., and it examines requests for Technical Assessments so as to optimise expertise and deadlines.