The European Commission launch of the BUILD UP Internet portal to encourage reduction of the energy consumption of buildings

BUILD UP is a new environment for building professionals, local authorities and building occupants willing to share their experience on how to cut energy consumption in buildings. Diversity is a major strength of the EU and BUILD UP will promote the exchange of all the best practices, tools and technologies available across Europe for an effective implementation of energy-saving measures in buildings. When it comes to climate change and security of energy supply, there is no easy fix. It is only by working together that we will achieve a real impact,” said Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs.

Buildings consume 40% of total energy in Europe. Improvements in building performance are therefore crucial to achieve EU energy-savings targets, combat climate change and contribute to energy security.
The EU adopted, in 2002, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, which provided the Member States with an integrated approach towards efficient energy use in the buildings sector. 

However, despite actions already undertaken within the building sector, the Commission recognised that there is still a considerable potential for cost-efficient energy savings that is not being exploited. Consequently, in November 2008, it proposed a recast of the EPBD that could generate additional energy savings of the equivalent of 60 to 80 million tonnes of oil per year in 2020 – equivalent to a further reduction by 5 to 6% of total EU energy consumption over that achievable by full implementation of the current Directive. Based on these proposals, the European Parliament adopted a legislative resolution in April 2009 calling for even more ambitious and demanding legislation. The position of the Council of the European Union is now awaited.

The sharing of information and best European practices play a primordial role for the mechanism introduced by the European Commission for achieving the ambitious objectives set by the EU, in terms of reducing the energy consumption of buildings.

The CSTB is also convinced of the importance of communication.  The distribution of information is one of its missions, and the CSTB has been a partner in the BUILD UP project since its creation.  Johann Zirngibl, Claude François and Hicham Lahmidi coordinate the parties and communities involved regarding the accreditation of experts, tools and software.  Thus, the CSTB is positioned at the core of European communication in favour of reducing the energy consumption of buildings.  Its action covers the complete chain, from expert to tool.