Technical Appraisals are changing to better guide innovation

Photo: AdobeStock

The path of Technical Appraisal applicants for innovative products has been streamlined and opened to dialog with the experts reviewing the applications, and the documents are clearer for product users.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Commission Responsible for Issuing Technical Assessments (CCFAT) decided to change the Technical Appraisals (ATEc) by off ering designers and installers simplifi ed content and applicants an optimized path that is more open and secure.

The professional users of the ATEc we interviewed described it as a high-quality document but diffi cult to read. Moreover, the Technical Appraisal was drift ing from its primary objective of assessing the fi tness for purpose of innovations, and was placing too much emphasis on regulations. ATEc applicants expected a more transparent procedure and clearly identifi ed milestones in their path to accessing Technical Appraisals, so we worked on this transformation.
Nicolas Ruaux, Deputy Technical Director at the CSTB

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