Works for the Olympic Games: two practical guides for innovation

Olympic Village ©SOLIDEO / Nexity Eiffage Immobilier_CDC Habitat_EDF_Groupama - All rights reserved

The CSTB and the Olympic Delivery Authority (Solideo) have developed two guides to ease the assessment of innovative systems as part of the design of the Olympic Village, which will host athletes in summer 2024.

The project, which must use a timber-framed structure, requires all the construction stakeholders to devise innovative solutions to the challenges of this type of structure. Given these challenges and the innovations they generate, Solideo asked the CSTB to prepare two guides to assist in the design of non-standard outdoor thermal insulation techniques for wood structures.

These two guides enable project ownership teams to adopt non-standard techniques and thus facilitate the obtaining of Technical Experimentation Assessments (ATEx) and Technical Appraisals (ATec) conducted by the construction and development stakeholders who are building the Olympic Village.