Procurement by the CSTB: €30 million annually

To support its research and expertise as well as technological activities, the CSTB calls upon innovative suppliers at the cutting edge of technology in the building industry.

It periodically purchases scientific equipment, instruments and test benches for use in a wide range of fields: acoustics, hydraulics, mechanics, energy, digital technologies, reaction and resistance to fire, airflow, etc.

The CSTB is a public organization of an industrial and commercial nature subject to the rules of public procurement set out in the State order of July 23, 2015 and the related enactment decree of March 25, 2016.

Our procurement policy aims to ensure four objectives:

  • promoting purchases of sustainable goods and services, and purchases of innovation
  • fostering a quality relationship with suppliers based on satisfaction
  • ensuring good total value for our purchases
  • supporting the expertise and satisfying the needs of internal users.