Consolidated subsidiaries

Certification subsidiaries



Certifier committed to sustainable living in France and abroad. A company with a mission, CERTIVEA is the French leader in certification and labeling of non-residential buildings, infrastructures and regional development.

CERTIVEA's mission is to offer solutions :

  • to help those involved in real estate, urban planning and living environments to improve their projects ;
  • and, after verification, to provide independent certification of their sustainable development performance.
4, avenue du recteur Poincaré | 75016 Paris
+33 (0)1 40 50 29 09 |


Testing laboratory and certification body for solar photovoltaic module performance

Certisolis performs qualification testing of solar photovoltaic modules, certifies their performance in accordance with international standards and issues accreditation labels. Jointly owned by the CSTB and the French Metrology and Test Laboratory (LNE), it operates under a scientific partnership with CEA/INES at the Savoie Technolac center of excellence.

BP 364 | 39, allée du Lac de Côme | 73372 Le Bourget-du-Lac Cedex
+33 (0)4 79 68 56 00

Industrial, studies and research subsidiaries

Aérodynamique Eiffel

Aérodynamique Eiffel

Studies and testing in aerodynamics

Aérodynamique Eiffel, equipped with a wind tunnel built by Gustave Eiffel in 1912, offers expertise in the automotive, construction, industrial building ventilation and airflow management fields.

67, rue Boileau | 75016 Paris
+33 (0)1 42 88 47 40


Monitoring and diagnosis of indoor air contaminants

Bioguess, a specialist in environmental microbiology, offers innovative solutions capable of detecting fungal infestations before they are even visible. The mission of Bioguess is to protect people and property from biological degradation and its health consequences.

84 avenue Jean Jaurès | Champs-sur-Marne | 77447 Marne-la-Vallée Cedex 2


Controlling noise pollution: analyze, recommend, measure, calculate and protect

Acoustb is a consulting firm specializing in acoustics and vibration in the environment, construction and industry in France and abroad. Established by the CSTB in partnership with Egis, Acoustb provides comprehensive project management services (initial conditions, study and acceptance) and complex studies (vibration propagation and finite element modeling).

24, rue Joseph-Fourier | 38400 Saint-Martin-d'Hères
+33 (0)4 76 03 72 20

Companies in which the CSTB is a shareholder

Eurovent Certita Certification

Eurovent Certita Certification

Climate engineering certification

Eurovent Certita Certification is jointly owned by ATITA, CETIAT, the CSTB, Eurovent Certification Company and the French Metrology and Test Laboratory (LNE). It is a leading European certification organization for climate engineering. Its 38 certification fields cover the full range of applications, from private homes to industrial-scale facilities.

48-50 rue de la Victoire | 75009 Paris
+33 (0)1 75 44 71 71 |
Nobatek Inef4

Nobatek Inef4

Institute for Energy Transition

NOBATEK/INEF4 is a private applied research centre, French Institute for Energy and Environmental Transition in the Construction industry. Its mission: Invent, develop and spread innovative and impactful solutions for the energy and environmental transition (energy efficiency and environmental sustainability) in the construction sector on both new developments and renovation projects.

67 rue de Mirambeau | 64600 ANGLET
Tél. +33 (0)5 59 03 61 29