Eco-design of products at a glance

The CSTB is developing a method for assessing and labeling products based on four criteria to promote eco-friendly construction.

Eco-design and the circular economy are now being pushed by public authorities through French laws such as ELAN, AGEC and “Climate and Resilience.” European regulatory indicators reflect the reality of supply chains at a given time but do not provide an indication of the potential for recycling and reuse of products and equipment in a rapidly changing environment. The establishment of complementary indicators was therefore necessary to inform construction stakeholders and meet the challenges of resource saving. Indicators include recycled and renewable input material, extension of the duration of use with analysis of ease of disassembly of components, reuse potential and repairability.

To best respond to the expectations of construction stakeholders, we met with representatives of public authorities, project owners, project managers, building control bodies, companies and pilot industrialists willing to engage in such an approach.

Florent Lyon, Deputy Director of Development

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