For industrial companies, certification is also a visible means of differentiating their products on the market, and is a driver of economic development. For specifiers and users, this sign of quality builds trust in a product’s advantages, in response to targeted requirements.

Certification attests to the performance of a product, a system and/or possibly of a service, according to a standard established with representatives from the industry and society. This voluntary process ensures consistent quality of certified products and/or services, particularly through the monitoring of manufacturing processes or of service provisions.

As an accredited certification organization, the CSTB is a key player in the certification of construction products and services, under various marks. It is accredited by AFNOR to issue the NF mark in 28 application areas. With the National Metrology and Test Laboratory (LNE), it also manages the ACERMI certification mark for insulation products. Finally, it has its own certification mark: QB, which has 26 application areas.

In addition to these certifications, the CSTB also offers classifications to help products highlight their performance and facilitate the choice and specification of the certified product, according to its use in a building (type of building, conditions of use, etc.). In 2017, the CSTB developed 10 classifications; it is pursuing this development so that most product families will have a dedicated classification. This decision-making tool boosts quality on the market, at a time when certification has become a crucial criterion to establish confidence.

The NF and QB Product Certification and CE Marking Certification activities are accredited by the French Accreditation Committee (COFRAC Accreditation No. 5-0010, list of locations and scope available under accredited by the French Accreditation Committee www.cofrac.fr).

Finally, together with its partners and subsidiaries, the CSTB is a major certifier of buildings, neighborhoods and skills in France and internationally.

The Certifications issued by the CSTB