The assessment services provided by the CSTB offer construction professionals reliable information about the performance and durability of innovative components (systems, materials, elements, equipment, etc.) for pre-defined usages and installation conditions. The aim is to support the emergence and marketing of innovations, while ensuring their safety.

On behalf of the public authorities, the CSTB examines applications for Technical Appraisals (ATec). This procedure is defined by the State and governed by the CCFAT (Commission Responsible for Issuing Technical Appraisals). In 2017, the CCFAT updated the ATec procedure to focus on the most innovative techniques.

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In addition, the CSTB offers technical assessment services to companies seeking to develop marketable innovations. With the Technical Experimentation Assessment (ATEx), the CSTB enables companies to confidently experiment with their innovation in its first full-scale usage, and to gain deeper knowledge of the system at work.

To support the manufacturers of products or systems whose techniques are deemed sufficiently mature but for which no reference documents yet exist, the CSTB offers the Transitional Technical Appraisal (ATT).

At the European scale, the CSTB is a Technical Assessment Body entitled to issue European Technical Assessments (ETA) and is a notified assessment body for CE marking.

The CSTB is also an Accredited Verification Body under the Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program. This third-party assessment is international in scope and provides objective, reliable evidence on the environmental performance of green technologies released to the market. The CSTB issues ETV assessments in the areas of air, water and energy monitoring and treatment. It has the required COFRAC accreditation for the verification/inspection of water and energy solutions (no. 3-1565, available at

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