The challenges of BIM and the role of the CSTB in the digital transformation of the construction industry

Photo: Florence Joubert

While many say that BIM stands for “building information modeling”, the CSTB has chosen to use the wider meaning of “building information management” to reflect a new way of generating information using next-generation technologies. BIM helps improve the quality and performance of buildings, from design to maintenance. Though the technology is not new, its rapid expansion is changing markets and practices. Interview with Souheil Soubra, director of Information Technology at the CSTB.

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Published in the magazine Informations Entreprise, April-May-June 2018, No. 168

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Our strengths:

  • The CSTB, a trusted third party
  • More than 20 years of experience in digital technologies and BIM
  • Multiscale BIM: components, buildings, urban areas
  • Use of BIM in all phases of projects, up to the operational stage
  • Knowledge of multiple physical dimensions of buildings
  • Interoperability of solutions designed with standard BIM formats (France and international)
  • Compliance with construction regulations (France and Europe)

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Oscar Niemeyer Room at the CSTB in Paris


The Oscar Niemeyer room of the CSTB, Paris 16th arrondissement.

The Oscar Niemeyer room of the CSTB, Paris 16th arrondissement. Photo: Florence Joubert