The pressing need presented by buildings and cities facing climate change

Alexandra Lebert ©Raphaël Dautigny

For climate change, this Strategic Research Action is structured around two areas of focus: mitigation and adaptation.

The urgent need is to decarbonize the building sector in its construction, operational and renovation phases. Precisely understanding our collective responsibility in terms of greenhouse gas emissions, quantifying low-carbon solutions, as well as the investment needs to prioritize them, and constructing scenarios at the scale of building stocks and territories will be our focus of work. This decarbonization will involve massive renovation of the building stock. Regarding adaptation to the effects of climate change, we chose to focus on controlling urban heat islands (UHIs) and the availability of water resources.

The CSTB's research is at a crossroads: a requirement for scientific rigor coupled with a desire for operational effectiveness and rapid and shared implementation.

Alexandra Lebert - Director Strategic Area of Research

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