Call for interest in CSTB project on crowdsourcing

The CSTB is launching a call for interest among start-ups for a crowdsourcing project to identify the drivers of energy consumption reduction in buildings. The idea is to take a design-thinking approach to the development of a general public web application aimed at allowing building occupants to enter their own data about their home, their energy utilization, etc. The CSTB is seeking the skills and knowledge of start-ups on usage and behavior as well as know-how in web/mobile interface design.

Project description

Through various research programs, the CSTB has developed methods and tools for characterizing the energy performance of buildings and supporting decision-making by identifying the drivers for reductions in energy consumption. To consolidate these models and deepen the knowledge of the existing housing stock, the CSTB wants to test a crowdsourcing project by developing a general public online app, allowing building occupants to enter their own data about their home, their energy utilization, etc.

If the test performs well in the field of energy, the approach could be expanded to other topics such as indoor air quality.

The project will mobilize the following areas of expertise:

  • Energy performance and upgrades: to create a technically pertinent questionnaire
  • Design and ergonomics: to develop an application that offers a fun, viral and relevant user experience
  • IT: to develop the website and applications
  • Communication and marketing: to reflect on the best way to interact with users so that they will enter their data via the application.

> The CSTB is seeking start-ups to participate in the development of this project in 2016.


Search for skills and start-ups to participate in the project: through June 30th 2016.
Applicants will be contacted in July to confirm their commitment to the project.

Design thinking: several sessions of two or three days maximum, held in the second half of 2016, to cover the following points:

  • Preparation of the questionnaire and its ergonomics
  • Brainstorming on user incentives – feed back
  • Etc.

The application will be developed in the fourth quarter of 2016, with a prototype for testing by the end of the year.

To apply

Applicants must send the following to the CSTB:

  • A description of the start-up: business and projects under development
  • A description of team members’ skills
  • References of the team members and the start-up on similar projects
  • Points of interest and motivation to participate in the crowdsourcing project.


For further information about the project and to apply, write to: