Coronavirus health crisis, the CSTB and its teams are mobilized to ensure the continuity of our services to all clients and partners

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Like most of you, the CSTB and its teams are directly impacted by the health crisis caused by the spread of the Coronavirus.

Under these exceptional circumstances, our priority is to prevent further risk for the people around us and with whom we work: nearly 1 000 employees of the CSTB and its subsidiaries, 6 000 clients and partners, 2 500 suppliers and sub-contractors. We shall all comply fully with the measures announced by the President of France.

The rules on confinement do not allow us to continue all of our activities as usual, and we have therefore closed our labs and testing facilities on all CSTB sites.

However, the CSTB is doing everything possible to maintain ongoing relations with the professional community. Our teams are fully mobilized to pursue their missions and projects serving the clients and partners of the CSTB.

The CSTB and its teams will respond to any questions you may have and thank you for your trust.