Test facilities

Fluid networks are essential to the smooth operation of buildings and to occupant comfort and safety. Located on 3500 sq m in Marne-la-Vallée, the CSTB Hydraulics and Sanitary Equipment Laboratory specializes in indoor and outdoor fluid networks. It assists manufacturers with their product assessment and certification processes. The focus is on piping that transports water from collection sites, its distribution in buildings, and its drainage into sewers, as well as valves and fittings, sanitaryware and facilities connected to indoor piping. In addition, the hydraulics laboratory performs tests on gas fittings.

Hydraulics & sanitary equipment

Products and systems tested

The products and systems tested are classified into three major families.

Valves and fittings

  • Water valves and fittings technology (examples: fire hydrant outlets and pillars, gate valves, backflow preventers, flap gates, safety units, ball valves).
    Fire hydrant outlets and posts are the only products in contact with water covered by CE marking (level 1). The CSTB is contacted to carry out compliance tests.
  • Gas valves and fittings technology
    The hydraulics laboratory is a testing facility for Certigaz NF078 and NF115 gas certification applications.
  • Sanitaryware for kitchens and bathrooms (examples: mechanical mixer valves, water mixers, shower hoses, drain plugs).


  • Pipes and fittings;
  • Assembly equipment (adhesives, connection hoses).

Connected facilities

  • Sanitaryware and their components (examples: bathtubs, sinks, support frames, toilet seats and lids, flushing mechanisms, floor drains);
  • Water treatment equipment (examples: salts, filters, jugs).

The hydraulics laboratory performs tests on these products as part of its assessment, certification and on-request testing services.

Types of tests performed

The CSTB performs the following tests:

  • Physicochemical;
  • Corrosion;
  • Accelerated aging;
  • Endurance (mechanical, thermal, etc.);
  • Hydraulic;
  • Strength (mechanical, pressure, thermal shock);
  • Tightness;
  • Product-specific functional tests (fitness for use).

The vast majority of these tests are COFRAC No. 1-0305 accredited (scope available on www.cofrac.fr). In addition, the CSTB makes it test benches available for its stakeholders (industrial companies, distributors, installers) by giving them the possibility of renting its labs.

The main benefit of the CSTB Hydraulics and Sanitary Equipment Laboratory is the complementary capabilities and technical sophistication of its test benches, making it possible to test the quality of a wide range of products and systems. In addition, most of the test benches are automated to meet specific needs.