In Sophia Antipolis, the CSTB develops expertise in digital technologies, energy and the environment. The teams in charge of business software packages and online info services for construction and urban development professionals are also based here. The CSTB’s engineers, researchers and technicians have a proven track record in deploying the latest technologies to enhance project efficiency. State-of-the-art equipment also allows these specialists to integrate, test, assess and certify new solutions.


The Sophia Antipolis site is home to the CSTB teams specializing in information and communication technologies and their applications and uses. The teams support the digitalization of construction and urban development sector by developing methodologies and business software. Thanks to its expertise in BIM, the CSTB also builds up data for use in digital models at various scales.

The Sophia Antipolis teams are also skilled in the field of renewable energies and energy recovery systems which helps guide manufacturers of solar or multi-energy equipment or processes.

The CSTB experts at Sophia Antipolis, Marne-la-Vallée and Grenoble pool their know-how at the critical junction of energy and digital – from the scale of a building up to a neighborhood or entire city – to contribute to the development of Smart Grids and Smart Cities.

Industrialists in the sector of home care and accessibility can also seek the help of CSTB Sophia Antipolis to conduct research or certify products.

As part of the CSTB’s knowledge dissemination activity, the teams in Sophia Antipolis design and develop the offering of products and online services with a focus on technical regulatory information. Professionals may access this information on the web portal.

Test facilities

Other specialized fields:


CSTB Sophia Antipolis has a long history of participating in European projects with other research organizations and French and European construction industrialists. The projects are funded by the European Union through the Horizon 2020 research and technological development framework programs (FPRDT), and are part of the roadmap defined by the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP). The CSTB acts as secretary general of this organization whose members include many of Europe’s key stakeholders in the construction industry.