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Certification serving quality

IMMD-LEA, University Campus in Roubaix.
MAES Architectes Urbanistes.
On the facade, composite aluminum panels, with three different finishes (one glossy and two brushed), assembled with the “stone joint” method to give a patchwork effect. QB certified products.

Ramp-up of the QB mark

The visibility of the QB mark, launched at Batimat in 2015, increased in 2016 thanks to a new campaign in France. During the year, two waves of communication targeted professionals: manufacturers, standards organizations, insurance companies, contractors, craftsmen and commercial companies. Broadcast in the media and online, the campaigns were also implemented at the industry's major trade fairs. In this way, 700,000 buyers were reached in 2016. Find out more atqb.cstb.fr

Deployment of QB within the industry

By the end of 2016, 60% of the certification standards had been updated in all product categories, including envelope, structure, facilities and networks, coverings and water systems. This represented 2,000 QB certificates, covering a product or a range of products. This was achieved through collaboration with some 30 industry stakeholders working in a mark committee to define the QB marking requirements for products in the reference systems. The level of product quality requirements was maintained so that the rollout of the QB mark reflects the special characteristics of each family of products to be integrated into industrial processes within a feasible timeline.

The QB standards now have two new product families: roof underlayments and trim. The creation of these certification areas in QB for roof accessories meets the needs of the profession (roofers and facade specialists) seeking to lessen the effects of sunlight, i.e. heat radiation, or the climate, i.e. wind, rain and powdery snow, on the building. The QB mark highlights their quality on the market. In 2017, it will be applied to a new family of products: rainscreens.

Development of classifications of use associated with QB 

    To enlarge the selection of products and support the construction project quality in the long term, the CSTB has decided to associate classifications of use with the QB mark. In concrete terms, this means:
  • facilitating the expression of the product's performance and suitability for one or several uses;
  • supporting the visibility of the product thanks to the QB mark, a technical certification that guarantees quality.

In 2016, the EST classification associated with QB was deployed on the market by the CSTB for flexible roof underlayments. In the sector of floor coverings, theUPEC classification is now offered under the QB banner, indicating the suitability of a product for the premises where it will be used. As a result, it is especially appreciated by the stakeholders on this market. The CSTB will continue pursuing this promotional strategy on the broader international market.

Launch of the Springboard (Tremplin) service for window certification

The CSTB has launched a new “Springboard” service for windows to guide manufacturers, especially SMEs, through the process of window certification. This is an advantage for stakeholders who want to highlight their quality in small production volumes, changing product ranges or complex windows, for example. SPRINGBOARD (TREMPLIN) facilitates access to certification for a wider range of windows, while supporting their development on the market.
> The Window Springboard (Tremplin) service

Find out more: The certification services of the CSTB

Customer close-up

Gilles Prévost, CEO of Acodi

“We began the certification process with the CSTB four years ago, and we adopted the QB mark in 2016. Our priority − the safety and durability of structures − can only be achieved through a continuous quality process. For example, I think annual audits are very important. Even if the corrections are minimal, it puts a positive pressure on the company.

Applying the rules strictly does not slow down innovation. The possibilities are numerous. Thanks to our know-how in the transformation of metal materials into facade components, we contribute to architectural projects.

The QB mark, which is easily recognizable, enables us to differentiate the know-how of our SME on the market. We also want the certification to help collectively advance the technical responsibility of the stakeholders in construction products and projects.”

Cédric Charton, Quality, Safety and Environment Manager at Balsan

“Certification is part of our corporate culture. On the floor covering market, we have decided to target quality, while relying on the organizational and performance requirements for products of the CSTB's technical certification standard.

In 2016, we switched to QB UPEC (formerly UPEC CSTB). We made this decision collectively with the manufacturers that are members of the UPEC mark committee for textile panel floor coverings.

Our products thus have the UPEC classification, which is well known and recognized in the profession. This also brings high added-value for the user. The users can quickly choose the right product for the place where it will be used.

With QB UPEC, we are enhancing the visibility of our product. Since it was launched at Batimat 2015, QB has become a general mark of the CSTB, whose renown reflects positively on our business in France. We hope that it will eventually become an international mark that boosts growth.”