Ariane, RNA, Support to startups

Support and orientation services

Ariane and the National Support Network (RNA), serving the stakeholders

Preparing for the future means turning ideas into innovations, and then connecting with the target audience on the market. Depending on the advancement of their projects, stakeholders need to proceed in stages to optimize performance, costs and turnaround times.

Since its launch in 2014, the Ariane service of the CSTB has been providing information and orientation to stakeholders with innovative construction products or systems. To provide high-quality advice also at local level, the CSTB has created the National Support Network (RNA) around France.

It relies on its partners in various French regions to foster exchanges as closely as possible to the stakeholders in the field. It coordinates the support network all year long with a focus on raising the partners’ skills and organizing meetings to share experiences and information.

For example, on June 21, 2016, a daylong event brought together the professionals of the construction industry with the partners of the RNA and the experts of the CSTB. Improving overall building performance through innovation was a key topic of discussion.

Testimonials from innovative companies

Frédéric Marçais, Chairman of the SME Toi-Sol (supplying renewable energy)

“When you work in an innovative business, you are not really aware of this ecosystem around you, which is extremely rich. [During the Innovation Day], I was able to talk with other companies that are also involved in innovation, with the ARIANE service and the thermal experts of the CSTB.”

Paul Mousny, manager of the startup Accessens (building accessibility)

“I came to this Innovation Day to meet the ARIANE Service of the CSTB and find out about the ATEx [Technical Experimentation Assessment], which is recognized by the stakeholders. I now have precise information about this assessment and how much it costs. Having an ATEx will be a major advantage for my business, in order to serve as a reference on the market and deploy the solution.”

Laurent Lenoble,representative in France of BK Factory (ventilation of elevator shafts)

“Our BlueKit® solution comes from Germany and is currently sold in France, but its usefulness is not well known yet. This solution raises questions for construction professionals and elevator companies, who need to be reassured about its compliance with the regulations, which were updated in 2014, and about its actual benefits. I came to meet the experts of the CSTB at the Innovation Day event to get their perspective and think about the development of this solution on the market.”

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Ariane receives more and more applications

750 applications were sent to the Ariane service in 2016. The most widely represented areas concern structural systems, climate engineering, the building envelope and coverings.

In 2016, the applications sent to the National Support Network (RNA) mostly concerned innovative products and systems about to be submitted for assessment. Half of them were in two fields: structures/walls/floors and thermal insulation.

The National Support Network (RNA) spreads its roots in France's regions

The RNA now covers most of France, through 11 partnership agreements signed in France's regions. On December 16, 2016, the network welcomed a new member: ECOBATP LR. With this construction, renovation and sustainable development resource center, the CSTB launched the first mission devoted to supporting innovative construction companies in the French Occitanie / Pyrenees-Mediterranean region.


In 2017, the objective of the CSTB is to complete the network's national coverage. The aim is to provide a higher quality of service to all professionals, by highlighting the wide range of partner structures and stakeholders: business clusters, associations, competitive clusters, industrial centers, etc.

The CSTB provides its support to startups

The CSTB helps new companies meet the challenges of innovation for buildings and cities of the future. Collaboration with startups is part of the “CSTB Lab” startup incubator project, initiated in 2016. It aims to give startups access to the resources and advice of CSTB experts, to help bring their innovative projects to fruition. The stakeholders can benefit from the CSTB’s R&D work, and build a lasting relationship with the organization. The launch of the “CSTB Lab” is scheduled for fall 2017.