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Batipédia, the technical/regulatory portal of the CSTB, has added a new online service: Bati CCTP, complementary to Reef, offering continually updated information on construction regulations. Bati CCTP provides professionals with a tool that generates complete contractual Special Technical Specifications (CCTP), in a very simple manner, both for new buildings and renovation projects.

About Special Technical Specifications (CCTP):

These contractual clauses indicate the technical requirements for the performance of the services specified, and also allow for the fulfillment of these requirements to be monitored. They contain the description and location of the structures and provide the technical specifications of the project..

    In concrete terms, Bati CCTP features:
  • a library of contractual clauses for general specifications and technical requirements for operations
  • a library of structure descriptions, pre-defined by the CSTB and drawn up by specialists.

This reliable content facilitates the drafting of high-quality contractual documents for construction projects.

Bati CCTP is unique, thanks to the immediate online access it provides, and a subscription offering weekly updates. A combined subscription with Reef gives access to the technical and regulatory reference system of the construction industry.

With this new service, the CSTB has increased its level of support for project managers and owners preparing for their projects, a crucial aspect in ensuring the actual quality of the finished product.