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Portrait of Étienne Crépon

Étienne Crépon

Chief executive officer of the CSTB

The CSTB and each of its employees have long been committed to progress and society. Today, I want to share with all of you our actions in social and environmental responsibility, whether in our missions or in our internal operations. That is the purpose of this first CSTB CSR Report.

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The word to

Portrait of Sylvie Ravalet

Sylvie Ravalet

Delegate General Director, Deputy CEO

One lesson that we can learn collectively from the health crisis we have been living with for more than a year now is that the world is profoundly unstable. The things we take for granted can be disrupted and brought into question from one moment to the next.

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Portrait of Hervé Charrue

Hervé Charrue

Deputy CEO in charge of Research and Development

What did we learn from 2020? Beyond everything that we all experienced, or perhaps were subjected to, regarding health, the economy, and society in 2020, including changes in our individual and collective behavior, it was a year that forced us to question the meaning of our everyday lives.

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3 key issues

Acting for the planet
and future generations

Global warming and other environmental transformations are damaging the natural environment and changing our lives. This is why the CSTB's environmental commitment forms a key part of its activities and applies in various ways to its approaches and methods based on their requirements, but without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own requirements.

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Photo of a landscape in front of a river and buildings

Building up human capital
and putting it at center stage

The CSTB teams and their multidisciplinary skills constitute the capital of the CSTB and provide the foundation of its scientific and technical excellence, which serve public authorities and all the stakeholders involved in construction and urban development. The CSTB's approach promotes solidarity by emphasizing diversity and the principles of an inclusive society, consistent with its values.

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Photo of a group of people at work

An independent
and ethical group with a local presence

The CSTB is committed to respecting and enforcing ethical compliance in all aspects of its internal relationships and with all its key audiences. Driven by scientific and technical considerations based on advanced scientific and technical knowledge and taking into account the environmental, economic and social contexts of construction, the CSTB adheres to fundamental principles and values: objectivity, social responsibility, transparency, sharing and confidentiality, a duty to alert and scientific and technical quality.

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