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Oscar Niemeyer room

Oscar Niemeyer room, CSTB, Paris, 16th district. Photo: Florence Joubert

Offer your teams, partners and clients a new perspective on your projects. Thanks to the interactive, virtual simulation provided by the Oscar Niemeyer room at the CSTB, you can provide a sensory experience that enhances your project. The room is also a collaborative work environment featuring all the latest technologies. It can be used to foster discussion about a project and to train stakeholders. Thanks to the CSTB, you can bring your projects to life. The CSTB will guide you in your digital approach, thanks to its multi-scale BIM expertise.

Transform your project presentations into a unique experience

Thanks to the interactive, virtual simulation space, imagine yourself in a new environment, collaborate better and promote your innovative projects more effectively.

The CSTB also provides its expertise in multi-scale BIM. It guides you in your digital approach and makes BIM a driver of development and innovation.et d'innovation.

The Oscar Niemeyer room, located in the 16th district of Paris, is a multipurpose space that adapts to your needs. You may reserve dates for:

  • public meetings and consultations
  • design competitions
  • project reviews
  • collaborative engineering sessions
  • meetings with clients and partners
  • training sessions

Leverage the latest technologies for your collaborative work and virtual simulation requirements

To optimize collaboration on your project, the Oscar Niemeyer room offers:

  • Space for 18 to 30 seated participants, with 3 room configurations;
  • Video conferencing;
  • Sharing and modification of the content in real time, locally and remotely;
  • Display of several documents at the same time: up to 5 auxiliary sources, for seamless displays of major projects.

Create an immersive experience for your projects:

  • Big-screen simulations. Size: 4.84 m x 1.87 m;
  • Perfect, continuous images with no cast shadows: 4K resolution, 5 overhead projectors;
  • 3D display an glasses;
  • Surround sound: 7.1 audio system;
  • Touch your way through your projects: touch frame, 32 points of contact;
  • Easy-to-learn system with touch tablet.

The Oscar Niemeyer room is made available by the CSTB with the support of:

European Union
Île de France

The CSTB also offers a virtual, interactive simulation space in Sophia Antipolis.