The Directors Strategic Area of Research of the CSTB

Photo: Hemis - Bertrand Gardel

Which social issues does the CSTB's research address?

Sophie Moreau

Sophie Moreau - Photo: Raphaël Dautigny

"Living well together" is an ambitious goal that involves all of us and requires initiative in the broader community.
Sophie Moreau, Director Strategic Area of Research "Buildings and neighborhoods for harmonious community life"

Alexandra Lebert

Alexandra Lebert - Photo: Raphaël Dautigny

The CSTB brings together skills, develops a cross-cutting vision of the topics, and nurtures the collective organizations that can devise these solutions.

We want to enhance research management to make the best use of internal skills and research staffing and build stronger partnerships.
Alexandra Lebert, Director Strategic Area of Research "Buildings and cities facing climate change" and Director Strategic Area of Research "Circular economy and building resources for buildings"

Romain Mège

Romain Mège - Photo: Raphaël Dautigny

It is rare to see renovation, reliability and innovation coexist within the same thematic area of research, but that is what the CSTB is counting on for the coming decade.
Romain Mège, Director Strategic Area of Research "Innovation and improving the reliability of the construction process Renovation"