SIMI 2019: The CSTB Group guides you in all phases of your construction or urban development

Image: The CSTB

Risk mitigation, environmental requirements, usability and comfort in buildings and the city. To address these challenges, the CSTB Group assists you in your construction and development projects starting at the design phase. It devotes its multidisciplinary expertise and its knowledge of building information modeling (BIM), city information modeling (CIM) and emerging technologies to support your projects. CSTB, Certivéa and Cerway experts welcome you to their stands at SIMI 2019, from December 11 to 13. City planners, developers, and building and property managers will participate in conferences, demonstrations and meetings with the CSTB to discover advancements and innovations in the sector.

Visit SIMI 2019, December 11 to 13, Palais des Congrès, Paris, Porte Maillot.
CSTB Group stands: E17 and E01, level 2.

Conference in partnership with Artelia, led by Pauline Polgar, editorial director for Batiactu Groupe: "Indoor air quality and comfort for better living in buildings"

Wednesday, December 11, 10 to 11 am - Room 352 A - Level 3

To help building designers include indoor air quality and comfort in their projects, the CSTB developed the MATHIS-QAI modeling tool. In recent months, Artelia tested the tool in offices. Results, feedback and outlook.


  • Europe Mortier, in charge of the Center for Environmental Design & Sustainable Buildings, Artelia
  • Corinne Mandin, head of the Expology Division, Indoor Air Quality Observatory, CSTB
  • Kader Guettou, managing director, Enterprise Unit, GA Smart Building
  • Renaud Blondeau-Pâtissier, director, Engineering and Research, Woodeum

Demonstration in partnership with Paris La Défense: BIM-CIM urban simulator to assess the usability and comfort of public spaces

Thursday, December 12 at 10 am - CSTB stand E17 - Level 2

The new urban simulator uses multiple criteria to assess the quality of public space development directly in the BIM-CIM digital platform of the city and territory. Experience this innovation live at the CSTB stand.

Participants: Brice Geffroy, BIM manager, Paris La Défense, and Thibault Delval, deputy head, Digital Modeling and Concurrent Engineering Division, CSTB

Every day on the CSTB stand, participate in demonstrations of BIM-CIM projects. Listen to feedback from construction industry stakeholders and city planners involved in the digital transition with support from the CSTB.

And go to the presentation of the results of the innovative Hekla Tower airflow study (La Défense). Discover what's behind the scenes of wind tunnel tests and digital simulations in virtual reality: You will learn everything about the tower's exposure to wind. This study was conducted by the CSTB in cooperation with the engineering firm Artelia.

Meeting on innovation with CSTB'Lab startups

Thursday, December 12 at 2 pm - CSTB stand E17 - Level 2

Join CSTB'Lab startups to discover their innovative solutions for the construction industry and urban planning.

Get to know the offerings and services of the CSTB Group

From December 11 to 13, meet the experts of the CSTB and its subsidiaries Certivéa, Cerway, Aérodynamique Eiffel and Bioguess.

Do you want to ensure the successful completion of your innovative architectural project? Do you need to control the risks associated with a major structure? Are you involved in ensuring the quality of the workplace? Do you want to improve the environmental performance of a building or neighborhood? Do you develop smart buildings? Are you looking for a multidisciplinary approach to construction or urban development?

We answer your questions and support you at every stage of your project. Join us to hear and share feedback and discover our service offerings and solutions to improve risk mitigation, the comfort of spaces and the performance of buildings and neighborhoods.

Visit the CSTB Group stands and learn about offerings and projects through images. Listen and assess the acoustic quality of spaces.

Meet at the CSTB Group stands: E17 and E01, level 2

Palais des Congrès, Porte Maillot
December 11 to 13, 2019