Recycling of PVC windows

Recycled PVC in pellet form. Photo: VEKA Recyclage

Using recycled PVC in windows is a growing trend in which several key market stakeholders have become involved by having their plants certified, including Deceuninck, Paprec, Rehau, Suez and VEKA for one factory in France and one in Germany. The CSTB issues QB34 and NF126 certifications, which showcase PVC reprocessing and reassure the sector about the constancy of the technical characteristics and the associated performance levels. These certifications represent real progress in the recognition of how PVC windows perform in relation to the circular economy.

Testimonial by François Auble, CEO of VEKA Recyclage

“The circular economy has been at the core of our strategy for nearly thirty years. The VEKA Recyclage site is certified QB34 by the CSTB, which means we have two audits per year and can ensure that our processes, and the quality of our materials, stay up to par. The QB34 certification showcases the technical and mechanical characteristics of recycled materials, based on the standard designed by the CSTB. The performance levels required for the certification of our materials and tests demonstrate to the clients of VEKA Recyclage that they are using a high-performance material and a risk-free formulation. The CSTB certification means we can guarantee that a product made from virgin materials will have the same performance levels as a product made from recycled materials. The CSTB has many years’ worth of demonstrated knowledge and expertise in the field of material formulation and operational recycling. When VEKA was certified by the CSTB, the recycled material could be used in the same application, for new windows, rather than in lower quality applications. This means that we provide the same level of quality, guaranteed by the CSTB. Thanks to the trust inspired by the CSTB’s expertise, to facilitate a purchase, all we have to do is mention that our windows are certified by the CSTB.”

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