Using INIES for environmental and health assessments of buildings

How reliable is the INIES database, and how do you use it for environmental and health assessments of building? Come next February 4 to learn more about this national reference database and hear about practical experiences. The date base lists French Environmental and Health Product Declarations (FDES) online and provides an operational response to assess the environmental and health impacts of products, equipment and services with respect to the performance of structures.

What data is used for environmental and health assessments of buildings? The operational response of the INIES database


9:30 Introduction

  • Yves Duclere, head of the Partnerships and Regional Action Office, Department for Housing, Urban Planning and Landscape (DHUP)

9:45 INIES database in depth

  • Caroline Lestournelle, President of the Technical Committee, INIES

10:00 What guarantees the reliability and transparency of INIES data?

  • David Amadon, department head, Technical and Professional Affairs, Confederation of Craftsmen and Small Builders (CAPEB)
  • Jacques Chevalier, head of the Environment and Life Cycle Engineering Division, CSTB
  • Philippe Osset, President, Solinnen

11:00 Break

11:15 How do you use the INIES database for environmental and health assessments of buildings? Practical experience

  • Laëtitia Barré, Environment manager, SNI
  • Solenn de Chaurand, Technology & Sustainable Construction Department, Quille Construction
  • Sabrina Lemaire-Talon, head of the Buildings and Acoustics Group, Autun Laboratory, Cerema
  • Maxime Parent du Châtelet, research engineer, Céquami

12:15 Conclusion

  • José Caire, Director, Sustainable Cities and Communities, ADEME facilitator
  • Anne-Sophie Perrissin-Fabert, Director, Association HQE