Actility and the CSTB Carnot Institute working together for the intelligent building

Actility, a specialist in smart grids, and the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment (CSTB) Carnot Institute developed, as part of a research partnership, a complete and groundbreaking service for the analysis of building energy consumption: ThingPark Wireless®.

This service is part of the thermal insulation renovation program for the building stock of the Habitat Toulouse public housing office and will, for the first time, measure the actual energy performance improvement in occupied housing units.

Innovative system that improves building performance

The ThingPark Wireless® system, designed and developed by Actility and the CSTB, characterizes the actual energy performance in housing units and identifies areas for improvement by analyzing various factors, such as temperature, occupant behavior and electricity rates. This original solution will be implemented for the first time, serving as an operational response to actual building energy performance issues. Habitat Toulouse, the public housing office, will thus be able to monitor its thermal insulation renovation program for the social housing stock.
Specifically, Actility and the CSTB will provide Habitat Toulouse with the complete service, which includes the acquisition and processing of data collected in the field. By the end of 2014, Habitat Toulouse will have objective data on the performance improvements resulting from the renovation plan.

Vital developments for the construction sector

To achieve the ambitious goal of energy upgrades for 500,000 housing units a year, housing administrators need advanced tools to identify the level of actual performance and distinguish intrinsic elements and those related to use. A major step forward, ThingPark Wireless®, which resulted from a research program developed jointly by the CSTB and Actility, will accurately identify areas for improvement and monitor the actual performance. A comprehensive solution at moderate cost is now available, representing substantial progress for all stakeholders.

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