Digital TechnologiesInteractive virtual simulation space

Credits: Nicolas Richez

In spring 2017, the CSTB opened a new space for interactive virtual simulation in Paris. Participants, wearing 3D glasses, can discover or present the digital avatar of new projects, and modify them live, on a big screen.

This sensory experience offers a new perspective on future projects. It showcases projects before different types of audiences, helping them imagine themselves in this new context.

This space of the CSTB is also a collaborative work environment. It fosters exchanges to support consistency in projects, promote innovation and train stakeholders.

Competitions for original ideas, concurrent engineering, project reviews, consultations, project promotion, client meetings, and more. The versatility of this space means that a customized approach can be provided, to fit every need.

  • Big screen; completely seamless image, with no cast shadows
  • 3D glasses; acoustic immersion; touchscreen.
  • Up to 30 seated participants, with 3 room configurations
  • Video conferencing
  • Sharing and modification of the content in real time, locally and remotely

Interactive virtual simulation space