Credits: Florence Joubert

Unique in Europe, Aquasim enables full-scale experimentation and simulation of the water cycle in a system comprising the building, its plot of land and the environment. It enables a comprehensive approach to the water cycle by combining experimental and digital procedures.

With Aquasim, the CSTB guides public authorities, construction stakeholders and operators of specialized installations, i.e. pools and spas, in the sustainable management of water, of all kinds and for all purposes, such as drinking water, wastewater, rainwater, recreational water, etc. The CSTB also supports industrial companies in the development of efficient, sustainable equipment.

    Areas of expertise:
  • Energy & Environment: the study of water - resource and flows in buildings, from the tap to discharge back to the environment, coupled with energy management;
  • Health & Comfort: controlling the physicochemical, biological and organoleptic quality of water, and the processes associated with these qualities;
  • Risk Mitigation: impact of water on the systems comprising the network and their durability;
  • Digital Technologies: modeling of systems and uses, in support of the digital transition of the sector.
    Located in Nantes, Aquasim is 2,300 square meters devoted to sustainable water management:
  • 4 storage basins (100 m³ to 200 m³)
  • 20 tanks (1 m³ to 6 m³)
  • 5,000 m² of land plots
  • 7 km of piping
  • 8 water treatment units

New : Aquasim, a center for the study of perceived quality

In order to objectively and quickly characterize the sensory properties of water, from the tap or from any other point of use, the CSTB has developed an innovative methodto analyze the way products taste, smell, look and sound. The method can also be applied to other areas, such as the food, cosmetic, textile and furniture industries, for the wellbeing of consumers.