Environmental certification in cities of Morocco, China and Colombia

Residential neighborhood in the Zenata eco-city.

Marocco. The Moroccan eco-city of Zenata was awarded HQE™ Development certification by Cerway, and the “Eco-City” label at COP22 Marrakesh in November 2016. The newly-launched Eco-City label was developed based on the requirements of HQE™ Development certification. As the first city to obtain the label, Zenata is a model for emerging countries, especially those in Africa.

China. In 2016, Cerway, which has been managing international HQE™ Development certification for several years, joined a pilot project on sustainable urban development in Kunshan, 50 km from Shanghai. This project’s ambition is to meet current environmental requirements, while maintaining representative elements of its 20th-century industrial heritage. Cerway will coordinate HQE™ Development certification with Chinese regulations and develop relevant indicators for similar projects in China.

Colombia. In early 2017, HQE™ Development certification, based on a system of environmental management, was the subject of exchanges between Cerway, Colombian authorities in the cities of Bogotá, Medellín and Cali, and the French Ministry of Housing as part of France-Colombia Year.