Construction Quality
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International Exhibition of Building (SIB) 2016 in Casablanca

The CSTB had a stand at SIB for the first time, from November 23 to 27, 2016. The goals were to understand the Moroccan market, gateway to North Africa and the West, and identify the needs and expectations of construction industry stakeholders in the country. Contacts were established with the Moroccan public authorities, including the Housing Department of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Policy, as well as economic stakeholders, the Federation of Construction Materials of Morocco (FMC), the Public Laboratory for Testing and Assessment (LPEE) and the Center for Construction Techniques and Materials (CETEMCO). The CSTB also participated in a roundtable on construction in arid climates, organized by the FMC.

Thanks to these contacts, the first agreements with the LPEE and CETEMCO will be signed in 2017.