Energy, Water, Digital Technologies


Collaborative Research Across Europe

Map out and identify future European research and innovation priorities for energy-efficient buildings, transport infrastructure, and the built environment in general. The CSTB currently plays a key role in tackling these challenges through the European Construction Technology Platform (ECTP) and coordination of EeB-CA2 and REFINET projects. With EeB-A2, all European projects dealing with energy-efficient buildings (EeB*) have been assessed. Servicesto support the dissemination, use and transfer of technological innovations resulting from these projects were also implemented to unleash their potential on the market.

To support Europe-wide energy, ecological and digital technology transitions, the CSTB also acts as coordinator or partner in a dozen research projects (FP7 and H2020 programs). The projectsCity-Opt, WISDOM, Streamer and Performer are among those that have been completed or will be in 2017. They are deployed in buildings and around cities and are conducted with industrial and academic partners throughout Europe: Italy, Spain, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Finland, Poland and Austria.

    Their main specialist areas:
  • Improving the design of complex buildings, such as hospitals, and simulating energy performance with BIM
  • Ensuring the energy performance of buildings
  • Optimizing water systems in the built environment
  • l’optimisation des réseaux d’eau dans l’environnement bâti ;
  • Optimizing energy consumption through load shedding and better control of demand

Le projet City-Opt, concluded on January 31, 2017, has received numerous awards: Fimbacte “Smart Innovation Trophy”; APCI “Observeur du Design 2017”; EURO-CHINA Green & Smart City Award; APCI “Etoile du Design,” with the mention “sustainable development by ADEME.”

* Projects funded under the contractual Energy-Efficient Buildings Public Private Partnership (EeB cPPP) signed between the European Commission and the ECTP.