Training in cutting-edge fields

The digital transition and environmental performance in construction are major challenges for the sector. The CSTB guides the upskilling of stakeholders through new training modules, including both face-to-face and distance-learning options.

BIM digital technologies

In the field of BIM, the CSTB expanded its training catalog in 2016 to offer stakeholders of the construction industry a better understanding of the basics and their application. Over 500 professionals were trained, in every trade: prime contractors, project managers, operators, industrial companies, urban planners, construction firms, and more.

A new training module, “Becoming a BIM Advisor” is being deployed in 2017. It is offered by the CSTB Group to certify the skill level of BIM technology advisors and make easier to identify.

Environmental performance

In a context of stricter environmental requirements, the CSTB has expanded the training it offers on environmental standards and accreditations. Project owners who call on these recognized experts have the guarantee that their certification process will be optimized and the overall process of the project will be properly adapted.

  • In 2016, over 230 new advisors were trained and recognized by Certivéa or Cerway. They can thus provide support to stakeholders undergoing HQE certification (construction, renovation, development and infrastructure), BBCA (Low Carbon Buildings) and Accessibility certification.
  • Over 90 advisors have also been certified in the area of Low Carbon Buildings (BBCA).
  • Plus de 90 Référents ont également été reconnus dans le domaine des Bâtiments Bas Carbone (BBCA).

In 2017, new training modules will be added, on the future Energy and Environment regulation, currently being tested with the E+C- accreditation.

Range of solutions

Because training methods themselves are evolving, the CSTB offers a wide range of options to follow its courses: classroom courses, distance learning, hybrid courses and morning classes. For the past two years, the CSTB has been offering blended learning solutions, thanks to its distance learning platform.

To provide training that is flexible and adaptable, the CSTB has developed a complete distance training program, to be deployed in 2017. These courses focus on Specialist Areas of particular importance to stakeholders of the construction industry, such as BIM and Life Cycle Analysis.

Training in the use of window products: platform in Grenoble

New products and installation methods: standard windows, French windows and closures are developing significantly to meet current expectations for performance and comfort in buildings. To enable professionals to recommend and use these products, the CSTB opened a dedicated training platform in Grenoble in late 2015. It combines learning-by-doing / realistic exercises with theory and practice, so that the stakeholders can update and increase their knowledge and technical skills.