PULSE at Eurosense 2018: taste innovation!

Appreciating the subtle sensory characteristics of a food, textile or public space means getting a better understanding of user perceptions of a product or ambient conditions, to improve the quality of the offering and provide a unique experience. For the stakeholders of the market, the PULSE laboratory of the CSTB is carrying out an innovative scientific diagnosis of the sensations perceived by users. Come discover PULSE through September 5th, at stand no. 5 of the CSTB, at the Eurosense 2018 trade fair in Verona, Italy. This 8th international conference highlights research and innovation dedicated to sensory perception and consumer relations, applied to a wide range of industrial sectors – health, cosmetics, agri-food, automotive, construction, etc.

Monday September 3 to Wednesday September 5:

Meet the experts of the CSTB and discover the PULSE laboratory at stand no. 5 at the Eurosense trade fair, Convention Center, Verona, Italy.

  • Practical information
  • PULSE at a glance
    A new pioneering human lab for sensory evaluation, PULSE, for physiological and sensory measurements of product characteristics, G. Haese, A. Couzinet, CSTB, France.

Monday September 3 and Tuesday September 4, from 4 pm to 6:30 pm:

Attend the scientific presentation of the PULSE method designed by the CSTB, with Gwenaëlle Haese, R&D engineer.

  • Scientific poster
    An original approach for selecting a specific sensitive panel based on physiological measurements - Application to thermal perception, G. Haese, F. De Oliveira, A. Couzinet, CSTB, France.

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