Research partnership between the SID and the CSTB: initial feedback, lessons learned and perspectives for BIM experimentation

July 4 event in the Oscar Niemeyer room at the CSTB. Photo: Patrick Palmesani @ SGA/COM

On July 4, 2018, the French Ministry of the Armed Forces, represented by the Defense Infrastructure Service (SID), and the CSTB presented the first advances of their collaborative work on BIM experimentation as part of a research partnership signed in 2016.

The initial results enabled the SID to take a more in-depth look at the various levels of its property management strategy: construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, organization of internal skills and resources, etc. Thanks to the progress made, the SID has better understanding of BIM as a practical tool that puts people at the heart of projects.

This collaborative project is conducted in the framework of the CSTB’s research programs devoted to digital technologies. Such actions contribute to improving the skills, processes and know-how needed for the development of buildings, urban areas and the smart city of the future.

The first phase of the partnership included two large projects which illustrate the advances made: adaptation of BIM tools to different professions and uses, with the Navy’s laboratory for analysis, surveillance and evaluation (LASEM); and testing of digital tools for existing buildings at the Camp des Matelots in Versailles.

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