Nantes Métropole and the CSTB are combining their expertise to create the Water Taste Observatory

Water Taste Observatory workshop, hosted by the CSTB. Nantes, May 31, 2018. Photo: Nantes Métropole

At the crossroads of innovation and experimentation, the “Complètement Nantes” event invites the public to discover and share how to build the city together. Among the workshops offered: on May 30, experimenting with an innovative approach to describing the taste of drinking water. The CSTB has developed a specific multi-criteria method for assessing the taste and smell of water, taking into account individual sensory perceptions. It is deployed in the context of the Water Taste Observatory created by Nantes Métropole and the CSTB, as part of an R&D agreement. The observatory will make it possible to optimize the water supply services in the Nantes area. The goal is to get citizens more involved in public water policy – a key challenge in the context of modernizing the La Roche drinking water treatment plant, which should be finished in 2020.

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