EveBIM-TRNSYS: importing data from the digital model to the TRNSYS software program

The bridge between BIM and Building Performance Simulation (BPS) in the TRNSYS environment

Discover the new tool developed by the CSTB: eveBIM-TRNSYS, the module for importing data from digital models to the TRNSYS software program.

Designed for all users of TRNSYS building and system dynamic simulation software, the new eveBIM-TRNSYS module makes it easy to add buildings to projects created with TRNSYS software. The building is added to the project by importing the building’s digital model to the standard file format, IFC (Industry Foundation Classes).

Save time and increase your productivity

Thanks to eveBIM-TRNSYS, you spend less time entering data into TRNSYS and have more time to analyze and optimize your project. This allows you to focus on the facilities and systems comprising the TRNSYS simulation project.

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