The CSTB is committed to conducting its missions and activities at the highest scientific and technical level in response to the needs of professionals and in compliance with the CSTB Ethics Charter. The role of the CSTB mediator is a key part of this commitment. The task is performed by André Crocherie for ATec applications and by José Fontan for other activities.

The mediator’s role is to facilitate exchange and dialogue between the CSTB and the requester of the service, in the event of difficulties occurring in connection with a commercial service.

In this context, the mediator seeks an amicable resolution to any difficulties, disagreements or disputes which may arise in the course of the CSTB’s services in the area of research and expertise, assessment (other than Technical Appraisal procedures and Technical Application Documents), certification, testing and dissemination of knowledge. These services may concern all types of processes, materials, components or equipment used in construction.

Any physical person or legal entity party to a commercial service of the CSTB may refer a matter to the mediator by completing an online form.