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CSTB (Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment – France) is a public research establishment in the construction sector, employing about 830 staff including 450 engineers, researchers and experts in building science, building technologies, and advanced ICT. CSTB core business covers four main fields: research, technical consultancy, quality assessment, and knowledge dissemination. Following a multidiscipline approach, it contributes to innovation and problem solving for the industry, and to transfer knowledge and technology to the wider community, in France and beyond. It provides expertise to the industry at large, and disseminates R&D results through various scientific media to practitioners and social and public authorities. CSTB develops consultancy activities in various scientific and technical fields, and contributes to the definition of reference (‘standardised’) solutions & services for products, processes and services in the Construction sector. Since 2008, CSTB has strengthened its support to the public authorities in the introduction of policies to evaluate health and environmental risks, to control energy and combat the Greenhouse Effect. It also helps the building profession to deal with environmental issues and the control of energy.

Waves surround us...

We are all as individuals exposed to different wave fields:

  • Sound waves radiated by the many sources of noise.
  • Vibratory waves transmitted by transports, construction sites, ...
  • Light waves, electromagnetic waves from the sources of light.
  • Other electromagnetic waves such as those radiated by electrical or RF communication systems (radio, television, mobile, ...)

At home, at work, in transport, in our spare time we are all exposed to these waves.

Helpful, reassuring, harmful, disturbing...

Useful for our comfort, our safety, ergonomics of our technology, information medium, these waves are necessary. Embarrassment, discomfort, anxiety, potential or proven risk to health, these waves interrogate and disrupt citizen.

Facing such challenges, we must be able to physically characterize the exposure: this is the mission of the Acoustic and Lighting Department.

Assess exposure, a multiscale expertise...

Waves propagate from the sources to the individual through a medium which modifies them: materials, components, buildings, neighborhoods, cities, territories, effects come from of multi-scale factors. The Acoustic and Lighting Department assesses exposure by developing methods for the characterization of sources and propagation through measurements and physical modeling. The Department experts are able to measure, or predict with simulations, exposure in simple to very complex situations. Their strengths: combining many tools they have developed through a strong experience of 40 years of research and expertise.

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