A1.Noise level at 500Hz: point source above a porous road.

MICADO is an acoustic software based of the Boundary Element Method (BEM). It is dedicated to precise outdoor sound propagation prediction (homogeneous atmosphere) including complex boundaries (barriers, buildings, trains,..) with rigid or absorbent conditions.  MICADO is mainly used to design and optimize innovative noise barriers either outdoor or indoor.
The BEM technique leads to the meshing of boundaries only which allows predictions to be made for large problems in 2D and 2.5D as is usually required for transport noise and human activity situations.

MICADO has several noticeable characteristics:

  • Elementary Functions (aka Green functions) which include part of the boundary
  • Optimized computation times (tabulated Hankel functions, optimized solver, adaptative meshing at each new frequency,…)
  • 2D, 2.5D and 3D versions : The 2.5D version allows the study of 2D geometries with point sources or incoherent line sources (traffic flow). The 3D version is employed for full geometries and leads to reference solutions.
  • « Multi-domain» module  allows to define porous media as equivalent fluids or simply to distinguish baflled and unbaffled domains.
  • « Periodic Formalism » module for the study of periodic situations where only a reference pattern is discretized thus reducing computation times.
  • Coupling with other software (tyre radiation, air pumping…)
  • Coupling with optimisation algorithms (genetic algorithms…)

Main applications of MICADO

In Environmental Acoustics :

  • Characterisation et optimisation of complex noise barriers (A3)
  • Roughness characterization (ground, facades, barriers, berms,…) (A4)
  • Propagation with periodic geometries –trees, louvres sonic crystals …) (A6)
  • Multi-domain propagation through asphalt or porous media (stones.) (A1,A3)

In Building Acoustics :

  • Propagation through facade openings (A5)
  • Propagation inside an open-space office (A2)
A2. Barrier between two desks inside an open-office. The ceiling and the floor are not descretized (10000 Hz).
A3. Noise map around a porous gabion wall (2000 Hz). Each stone is a different domain.
A4. Modification of the sound field in a street due to balconies.
A5. Sound transmitted through an air inlet with moving slats (500 Hz).
A6. Pressure map through a 30 m wide thicket along a road (500 Hz).
Only a 30x8 m2 central portion is meshed.

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