Urban soundscape simulation

MithraSON is a unique piece of software able to restitute any outdoor soundscape in a very realistic way. Any type of sound source can be integrated: industrial sources, urban noise, and even traffic noise thanks to a traffic simulator coupled to a patented vehicle noise method.

When coupled to a visualization tool such as EveCity, MithraSON allows a full immersion. One can then easily wander in this virtual environment in order to evaluate the impact of urban planning projects by listening to the change in the soundscape.



  • Flexibility of considered noise sources (industrial noise, traffic, urban noise…)
  • Dynamic simulation of urban traffic (thanks to Symuvia, developed by IFSTTAR)
  • Real-time vehicle noise synthesis (patented method)
  • Propagation effects taken into account (reflections on buildings, road surface type, diffraction by barriers…)
  • Several normalized calculation methods implemented (Harmonoise, NMPB2008…)
  • 3D spatialized audio restitution (stereo, binaural, ambisonic…)


Realistic virtual visual and audio representation of a road planning project


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  • J. MAILLARD. EuroNoise 2009, Edinburgh, Scotland. Prediction and auralization of construction site noise.



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