Horizontal elements for

MEGA chamber

It consists of two identical reception rooms on which we first det up the support frame of the test sample and the mobile emission room realizing a couple of reverberant rooms.  These three rooms are in accordance with NF EN ISO 10140-5 (ex – NF EN ISO 140-1).

This testing facility is intended to the acoustical evaluation of any kind of vertical element (high-rise partitions, doors, windows, glazing, screen road, curtain walling, air inlet ...).

The assessment is made with respect to the airborne noise (NF EN ISO 10140-2 (ex-NF EN ISO 140-3 and ex-NF EN ISO 140-10) and NF ISO 1793-2)

Main features :

  • Low background noise ("box in a box" system used for the three rooms)
  • Walls with different openings (1250 x 1500 mm²  + the 4 opening of the ACOTHERM certification)
  • R’maxw = 64 dB for doors
  • Max testing surface 10,9 m²