Salle réverbérante de 252 m3

ALPHA chamber

This room is a box volume of over 250 m3 equipped with multiple diffusers for acoustic field homogeneity. It complies with standards NF EN ISO 354 and NF EN ISO 3741.

This chamber is intended to evaluate two acoustic parameters:

  • The sound absorption coefficient of an element (plane or not, discrete or not) in accordance with NF EN ISO 354 and Amendment 1.
  • The power level of various equipments (ventilation, hydraulic, or other) in accordance with NF EN ISO 3741 and other complementary standards for measuring this parameter in a reverberation room.

Main characteristics :

  • Room volume : 252 m3
  • Low background noise (“box in a box” system for all three rooms)
  • Reverberation time of 14 s at low frequencies and 8s at high frequencies