Advanced Theoretical Model For Outdoor Sound Propagation

CSTB designs and develops simulation tools for long-range sound propagation. These codes can take into account meteorological effects, ground effects, and allow the propagation of the acoustic wave over large distances in a few minutes.


Accounting for meteorological conditions in ATMOS

Designed and developed by CSTB researchers, ATMOS can be used to determine the acoustic impact of land transport infrastructure, but also industries and wind turbines on the environment, taking into account both the geometry of the site and weather conditions inherent in each local climate. A unique tool.

ATMOS can predict noise propagation for a given weather condition. The computer code takes into account the nature of the ground, the geometry of the barriers and its acoustic properties. Simulation results are used to quantify the combined effects of topography and weather conditions on sound propagation. It is also a powerful tool to separate the different phenomena involved and get better control of all relevant parameters.

The coupling of this software with existing computer codes developed such as MICADO allows taking into account complex geometries (uneven ground, sophisticated noise barriers) in addition to weather effects.

Main "features" of the software

  • Long range sound propagation
  • Meteorological effects
  • Ground topography

Main publications

F. Aballéa, J. Defrance, « Simple and multi-reflections using the PE method with a complementary Kirchhoff approximation », 7ème Congrès Français d’Acoustique, Strasbourg, France, 2004

 F. Aballéa, J. Defrance, « Sound propagation over irregular terrain with complex meteorological effects using the parabolic equation model », InterNoise, Prague, République Tchèque, 2004


F. Aballéa, « Propagation acoustique en milieu extérieur : Application de l’équation parabolique rapide au couplage d’effets météorologiques et de topographies complexes », Ph.D. thesis, Université du Maine: Le Mans, France, 2004


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