ACOUBAT Sound V7.0

Predicting the acoustic performance of a building based on products/components performance

ACOUBAT Sound V7.0 software allows predicting the acoustic performance of a building based on products/components performance and a specific geometry. It is perfectly adapted to homogeneous heavy type constructions.  It is easy to determine an optimized acoustic solution for housings, office buildings, classrooms, hospitals rooms... The calculations in ACOUBAT Sound V7.0 are based on parts 1 to 6 of the European Standard EN 12354, necessary for the prognosis of sound insulation of buildings. Moreover, ACOUBAT Sound V7.0 can be used to listen to the sound rendering inside a room of airborne noise, whatever the sources (32 different kinds of sources are available).
The software is not adapted to acoustic performance prediction of lightweight constructions, such as wood frame building.

Video demo of the Acoubat Sound software

Main features of the soft

ACOUBAT Sound V7.0 is used for predicting the sound insulation in buildings based on the Standard EN 12354. It computes the sound insulation in one-third octave band between 100 and 5000 Hz, and single number values.


  • The airborne sound insulation between rooms according to EN 12354-1 (horizontal, vertical and diagonal)
  • The airborne sound insulation against outdoor sound according to EN 12354-3
  • The impact sound insulation betweens rooms according to EN 12354-2 (horizontal, vertical and diagonal)
  • The reverberation time of a room (according to EN 12354-6)
  • The equivalent sound absorption area (according to EN 12354-6)
  • The sound levels due to service equipment (according to EN 12354-5)


Main features:

  • Database containing 2400 products and 3000 acoustic performances
  • Visual descriptions of traditional products
  • Multi-lingual user interface (French, English)
  • Auralization and listening
  • Comparison between calculation results and requirements of the french acoustic reguation

ACOUBAT Sound software interface :

Horizontally and vertically adjacent rooms
Attic and two rooms with circulation
Two premises, two floors and attic space


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The ACOUBAT Sound V7.0 software is developed and distributed by CSTB. 

The software is downloadable; the user manual and the license contract are available on the site:
For educational institutes, the ACOUBAT Sound V7.0 can be used in network with a license server (10-12 computers) with a special rate for teaching purposes only. 
To run ACOUBAT Sound V7.0, the dongle key delivered when the software is bought must be connected to computer USB port.

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Demo version

Download the latest demo version of ACOUBAT Sound here !


The ACOUBAT Sound V7.0 database contains the acoustical data of 2400 recent products of building corresponding to 3000 performances, so as to compare acoustic performances between several products on the market. 
For each construction element the following characteristics are available:

  • Product name
  • Family type
  • Origin
  • Spectrum in one third octave band and single number rating
  • Test report number
  • Link to the producer website

The data are classified by product family:

  • Traditional masonry
  • Load bearing wall or concrete slab
  • Partition
  • Lightweight partition
  • Floor covering (floating floors, PVC floors, carpets, parquets)
  • Linings (mineral wool and foam based)
  • Door and window
  • Technical equipment
  • Roofing (slate roof, concrete roof, roof tile, boarding roof)
  • Technical ceiling and access floor
  • Curtain-wall façade
  • Thermal bridge breaker
  • Absorbing object

The data are also classified by manufacturer/producer: More than 150 manufacturers/producers have chosen to include their products acoustic performances in the ACOUBAT Sound database.

Recommended configuration

  • PC Pentium 1 GHz – 256 M RAM
  • Screen resolution 1024x768, 16M colors
  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • 200M available disk space
  • 16 bit stereo sound card, 44.1 kHz
  • Audio headset or loudspeakers

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