The building and his componants

One of the first quality of use expected by users of a building (residential, commercial or otherwise) is its acoustic quality. If it is part of the exterior acoustic environment of the building, it is conceived and built from the system and product. CSTB, through its acoustic team is over 50 years in the heart of this process.

Based on a laboratory (LABE) at the forefront of technology for the evaluation of systems and building products, researchers have developed analytical (AcouSYS) and numerical models which are increasingly accurate. This dual approach, measurements and simulations, allows having a very robust approach to product knowledge and building systems.
It is internationally recognized both by our academic and industrial partners. It is especially interesting for the latest, because as CSTB has the Carnot label, they can benefit from a doubling of their research tax credit.

User comfort, as well as regulatory constraints on building performance as a whole, controlling the passage of the performance of systems and products to the building is primordial. Very active in the field, from upstream research to software engineering(Acoubat), the building acoustics team of CSTB is one of the specialists in the world.

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