Le LABE, the European Laboratory of Building Acoustics

The European Laboratory of Building Acoustics at CSTB Marne-la-Vallée is a large ultra-modern acoustic test facility, independent and COFRAC accredited (ISO 17025 Standard). It comprises nine test station on 2000 m² to test products derived from building or industry, including the highest performing products, as quickly as possible and in accordance with European and international standards.


Le Labe

CARMEN, mastering acoustics in auditoriums

Carmen® is an active system designed to adapt the acoustics of a hall to each type of performance. In many cases, it can also be the solution to the problems that halls have due to poor natural acoustics. Musicians and the audience can finally enjoy the emotion of the music in any venue.



MITHRA-SIG, large scale acoustic mapping

MITHRA-SIG is designed to compute noise maps of towns or municipalities in a single operation, without limits imposed by the software. This is made possible by associating the speed of the calculation engine MITHRA with the managing capability of SIS®.


ACOUBAT, improving the acoustic design of buildings

ACOUBAT Sound V7.0 software allows assessing the airborne and impact sound insulation in the buildings. Thanks to its database supplying the acoustical data of 2400 products, it is easy to determine an optimized acoustic solution for housings, office buildings, classrooms, hospitals rooms...





The Acoustic and Lighting Department of CSTB takes on themes such as environmental noise, the acoustics of transports, noise in buildings as well as the acoustics of cultural spaces and large volumes.



Concerning lighting, the Acoustics and Lighting Department works on topics ranging from sensors to the sources and materials, through the interior and exterior lighting.



Environmental vibrations are often generated by railway traffic and construction sites. Emission (source), Propagation (ground) and Immission (building) are three aspects that are accounted for by the Acoustic and Lighting Department of CSTB.



Among the aspects related to electromagnetic waves, the Acoustic and Lighting Department study the exposure of people to electromagnetic waves and the characterization of sources and materials.