End of Alain Maugard's Chairmanship of CSTB

Alain Maugard

The industry and the press have always considered Alain Maugard to be an important Construction visionary, promoting innovations in terms of energy savings, environmental health, productivity, architecture, etc.  In particular, he was one of the initiators of the "positive energy building".

He remains coordinator of the COMOP No. 1 (Operational Committee) "New public and private buildings", the role of which is to facilitate the implementation of decisions made by the “Grenelle de l’Environnement” (Environment multi-stakeholders Meeting) (from legislative, regulatory, tax and financial points of view) and to suggest the R&D programs necessary for materialization of ambitious objectives to slow climate change.

He also remains chairman of the Committee for steering the Habisol (HABitat Intelligent et SOLaire photovoltaïque – Smart Buildings & Solar Photovoltaics) research programme run by the ANR (National Research Agency) and a member of the ADEME (Environment and Energy Control Agency) Board of Directors.

There is no doubt that Alain Maugard will continue to move Construction forwards in the broad sense of the term over the next few months, since he is particularly concerned by this sector.

Alain Maugard's successor will be named in October.