November 2008

End of Alain Maugard's Chairmanship of CSTB

After 15 years leading CSTB (three mandates), Alain Maugard left his job on September 5 this year to become Chairman of the "Risks, Safety and Security" section at the General Council of the Environment and Sustainable Development.

Thermal Insulation: Implementation Issues

In 1974, the year of the first oil shock, France established a thermal regulation to limit building heat loss. This regulation was reinforced regularly and led to Thermal Regulation 2005, which is currently in force.


An Electric Sub-station Converted to Photovoltaic energy

The SAGI, a SEM (mixed investment company) in which the City of Paris is a stakeholder, is involved in converting a former Compagnie Parisienne de Distribution d’Électricité sub-station, located at rue Raymond Losserand in Paris, into a business centre. Preserving the historic nature of the building, architect Emmanuel Saadi endeavoured to extend his original vocation by scattering photovoltaic cells over almost all of the glass surfaces. The glass devices implemented, not seen before in Paris, indicate very promising developments in the short term.

A multihull on the banks of the Seine River

Generali Immobilier is currently offering a new office building in the Bords de Seine district in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Christened EOS, the name of the Greek goddess of the dawn, the building planned by the insurance group, as though beached on the banks of the river at the foot of the ring road, promises to be the figurehead of a new service hub right on the edge of Paris. Here is a glimpse before its delivery scheduled for 2009.


Accelerating Innovation: CSTB Launches the Pass' Innovation

During a press conference organized 2 July 2008, Alain Maugard, CSTB Chairman, launched the Pass' Innovation, “the fast track for an initial evaluation of innovations”.

Technical Assessments and Photovoltaic Systems: the Power's On !

Sustainable development demands it: photovoltaic systems will be implemented more and more often as a construction product in buildings. As an innovative technique, they come under the Technical Assessment. A voluntary step that enables manufacturers to have a third-party evaluation of their system in terms of fitness for purpose, durability and feasibility in the work. A first Technical Assessment was issued last May.


The Space Adventure Has Building Options

It’s difficult to exchange simulation projects when they don’t use the same language! To remedy this, at the request of the space industry, CSTB has developed and perfected a software tool called Baghera-View, capable of representing a 3D digital model using a universal data exchange format. Fortified by this mission “for the stars”, CSTB made the viewing tool available to fluidify standard data exchanges between players in the building industry.


Rail consultancy

CSTB has been offering railway consultancy activities for more than a decade, be it for SNCF or manufacturers such as ALSTOM Transport. Climatologists, fluid mechanics specialists, numerical or experimental aerodynamicists: so many railway experts! An assessment of the situation with an ace partnership: Pierre Palier and Jean-Paul Bouchet, both responsible for Transport and Landborne Vehicle activities.

City planning

For Sustainable Social Housing in Europe

The main objective of the European project, Sustainable Housing in Europe (SHE), whose slogan is “from the extraordinary to the ordinary”, is to demonstrate the feasibility of sustainable new social housing projects involving a large panel of stakeholders and, especially, the end users. CSTB’s contributes to it as a scientific partner regarding the project management as well as the participation process.