The HOMES program has released, a forum for discussions about energy efficiency is organised like an interactive White Book dedicated to energy efficiency in buildings.  It presents the HOMES (the French acronym for "Homes and Buildings Optimised for Energy Control and Services") program in an original format using a simple and innovative style, and its partners (including CSTB), its ambitions and the solutions that it is preparing. uses the simplest and latest internet technologies, and is continuously being enriched to include information from partners in the program and it offers external organisations such as universities, research laboratories, etc., the opportunity to participate.

" ideally illustrates the cooperative principle of the HOMES program by making it possible for everyone to input data into it, explains Didier Pellegrin, Director of the HOMES program.  By working together, we can build easy to construct and use solutions at an affordable cost, using pervasive technologies to achieve the best energy performance in buildings."

The intention of the cooperative HOMES innovation project  is to provide each building with solutions to optimise its energy performance.  It was set up in 2008 for a duration of 4 years; it is composed of 13 partners involved in manufacturing and research and is supported by OSEO (French innovation agency).  The project leader is Schneider Electric, the world specialist in energy management.

1 HOMES:  Habitat et bâtiments Optimisés pour la Maîtrise de l'Energie et les Services (Homes and Buildings Optimised for Energy Control and Services)


HOMES (Homes and Buildings Optimised for Energy Control and Services) is a cooperative innovation program and its purpose is to provide solutions for every building so as to achieve the best energy performance.  The program is designed to last for four years (2008-2012), and is supported by OSEO, a body offering public subsidies for entrepreneurship and innovation.  HOMES is led by Schneider Electric and brings together thirteen industrial and research partners , namely CEA, CIAT, CSTB, Delta Dore, EDF, Idea, Philips Lighting, Radiall, Schneider Electric, Somfy, STMicroelectronics, Watteco and Wieland Electric.  These complementary building management players work together to design solutions to optimise the use of energy, diversify energy sources, achieve durable energy performance and facilitate practical energy management in new and existing tertiary and residential buildings in Europe.