MIPIM: from the physical model to the virtual model

Instead of the physical mockup usually used in real estate fairs, the SYMISA Sophia Antipolis Joint Association (responsible for the general development policy for the Park and for its administration and financial management of the operation) used a virtual model to present the different real estate projects for the Science Park.  CSTB assisted SYMISA in the preliminary stages by producing this virtual model and providing its technical expertise to supply an innovative projection system during the four days of the fair to make this tool a genuine communication mean and perform real time navigation through the model.  This was done by overhead projection onto a giant 2.5 metre by 1.5 metre screen (BARCO).

This model had originally been initiated for the SYMISA in the framework of the architecture competition for Saint-Philippe II ZAC (Concerted Activity Zone) (since named EcoPolis), so that all candidate projects could be presented within their environment.  The terrain of the whole Alpes Maritimes Department and the STIC campus project were modelled and integrated in the model to make this possible.  Eight other programmed development projects were thus incorporated into the 3D model for this 2010 MIPIM show; three of them (E-Golf Park, Institute ATMAN and NATURA 2) were modelled in detail by architects and CSTB included them in the model.  The other five, for which the design was less advanced, were included in the form of interactive pictograms.

Moving in real time

"With this virtual 3D model, the user can move around within a model of the Sophia Antipolis Science Park in real time.  Architects' projects (a total of about ten projects in Sophia Antipolis including ecological offices and homes, university campus, student housing, school, communal facilities, aquatic centre, dojo, maintenance site, etc.) were integrated, explain Julien Soula and Cédric Blanchard, CSTB engineers present at the show, so that architectural projects can be viewed in 3D in their environment and in real time.  There is no doubt that this is an advantage for architects, planners and citizens in general!"

Visitors thus discovered the different developments programmed for the year 2010, including modelling of future districts and construction sites.  In all, a total of 500 persons visited the SYMISA stand at different times to move around within the virtual model.

High profile visitors

The SYMISA virtual model attracted high profile hosts including Christian Estrosi (Minister of Industry, President of the Nice Côte d'Azur Urban Community and Mayor of Nice), Eric Ciotti (President of the Alpes Maritimes General Council) and Charles H.Rivkin (United States Ambassador).

Julien Soula, CSTB engineer and Charles H.Rivkin, United States Ambassador